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Kirsten Hines' Celebrating Nature on Seven Continents

As a child, while some girls were playing with Barbies, I was tramping through a Philippine rice field determined to get to the end of a rainbow. It turned out to be the beginning of my apparently insatiable quest for nature around the world. Several years later Africa, with its promise of larger-than-life boldly patterned wildlife, loomed like a crown jewel for such an odyssey. I twirled in joy at the mere sight of my first safari vehicle in Kenya, but my college semester there was by no means the end of my rainbow. If I’d made it to Africa, why couldn’t I make it to all the continents? A couple of years ago, I toasted setting foot on my last continent - mainland Antarctica - with a thermos of hot chocolate in the company of a colony of Gentoo Penguins that were far more interested in collecting rocks than celebrating my accomplishment with me. 

In this series of blogs and photography, I share some of the places I’ve visited and animals I’ve encountered on each of the continents, even the unimpressed Gentoo Penguins. I invite you to join me for tales from each of the continents, starting with that college semester in Africa.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, there is gold at the end of the rainbow… but it’s not in a pot.

Africa, part 1 - A hyena worth waiting for

Africa, part 2 - Lake Bogoria, Kenya
Africa, part 3 - Pate, Kenya
Asia, part 1 - Encounters with an Arabian Oryx, UAE
Asia, part 2 - Demoiselle Cranes in Khichan, India
Asia, part 3 - European Bee-Eaters in Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE
Australia, part 1 - Bowerbirds in the Bunya Mountains
Australia, part 2 - Quokkas of Rottnest Island
Australia, part 3 - Purple-crowned Fairywren of Western Australia
Europe, part 1 - Silent skies over Tuscany
Europe, part 2 - Flamingos in the Camargue, France
Europe, part 3 - The Wild Horses of the Camargue, France
North America, part 1 - Salmon spawning in Canada
North America, part 2 - Elk Bugling in Colorado
North America, part 3 - Pink Rattlesnakes in Arizona's Grand Canyon
South America, part 1 - Galapagos Sea Turtle Cove
South America, part 2 - Swimming with Galapagos Sea Lions
South America, part 3 - Nesting Leatherback Sea Turtles
Antarctica, part 1 - Pacing Penguins
Antarctica, part 2 - Weaner Wars
Antarctica, part 3 - Antarctica Rocks!

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