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Keeper of the Plains, Wichita, Kansas


On a recent road trip to Wichita, Kansas my husband and I made several visits to see the Keeper of the Plain sculpture. It is a really beautiful area. Standing at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers and adjacent to the Mid-America All-Indian Center is a 44-foot Cor-Ten steel sculpture by Kiowa-Comanche artist Blackbear Bosin.  

IMG_1027Around the statue are multiple displays which describe the local tribes that used to inhabit the area, as well as several fire pits which are sometimes lit to illuminate the statue at night. These pits are known as the Rings of Fire and run in 15-minute increments starting around 7 pm during the winter, and at sunset during the summer.  It was too windy while we were there to see the Rings of Fire, but hopefully on a future trip we can see it.


Here is a short video from the area if you are interested.


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