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June 26, 2016: Brazil: On The Trails Of The Jaguar In The Pantanal


Yes, the Pantanal is unique!  Who doesn’t dream of spotting such an elusive “Big Cat” as the Jaguar, an animal that played a central role in the old cultures of Central & South America.  And the Pantanal is indeed a place where your chances of spotting Jaguars in the wild are really high if you go there in the right season… Actually, the only place in the world!


But the Pantanal offers much more than that: the largest tropical wetland area in the world is home to one of the greatest biodiversity on earth!

  • Birdwatchers will be in heaven, with altogether 700 species in this area



  • Besides Jaguars, there are many other mammals to be spotted, small and big: monkeys, rodents like the Capybara, Foxes, Deers, Coatis, and if you are lucky Armadillos, Sloths, Anteaters & even Tapirs


  • Even if you like caimans, you will get an overdose of them… With an estimated population of 20 million, you have there a mind-boggling concentration of 100 Black Caimans per square kilometers…



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