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July 7, 2018: A Child is Born


Enjoying a nice lunch in a restaurant that offered escape from the mid-day heat, we were attracted by the sound of music and a crowd gathering outside.   Everyone in our Rajasthan travel group headed out and had the opportunity to see this celebration.



Our guide explained that a child had been born in the village and this was a way of making a public announcement to that effect.  Notice in some of the photos a woman is carrying a baby's crib on her head.  Mostly it's a chance for people to dance and celebrate.



Any could join in the festivities and several from our group were soon taking part.  I did what I always do -- watched and documented the experience with my trusty pocket camera.



The young gal in the photo below was an especially talented dancer. 


It was great fun and a pleasant diversion, if of short duration.


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