July 6, 2016: Pearl Street entertainers, Boulder


Boulder, Colorado, is an interesting city to visit.  An unusual combination of outdoor life, university town and lingering hippie culture.  One of the "must see" spots in the town is Pearl Street, a great pedestrian mall dotted with fine restaurants and shops.   Pearl Street is an extremely popular and busy place, especially evenings and on weekends.

As you might expect in a place filled with people, it's a magnet to buskers and street entertainers of all types.  Here's a few we saw during a walk down Pearl Street this past week:

A man standing on a moving platform, while juggling a bowling ball, a hatchet and a pair of dirty socks......

Boulder street artists (1)

Boulder street artists (2)
Boulder street artists (3)
A fellow playing the piano, not missing a note, while suspended upside-down....
Boulder street artists (5)
Another juggler and polished entertainer.....

Boulder street artists (6)
A musician strumming a guitar while standing on a cello.....
Boulder street artists (7)

Kids having their faces painted....
Boulder street artists (8)

A fellow waiting to tell your future with his deck of cards.....Boulder street artists (9)

And an artist who spent hours creating a mural made of leaves and blossoms applied by hand, without any adhesive, to a moist rock.....
Boulder street artists (10)Boulder street artists (11)A most interesting assortment of humanity. 


Photos (11)

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