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Jersey, The Channel Isles.


Jersey C.I is an 8 x 5 mile island in the English Channel, just a short hop from Brittany and a short flight from the U.K.  It typically enjoys a warmer climate than the U.K and is a very popular holiday spot due to its stunning coastline, varied history, lush landscape, beaches and sea.

Portelet Bay ls 2

Portelet Bay port 1

We visited in May and I took a series of images of scenes that caught my eye. We had  great stay, with a day trip to St Malo, Brittany, France, and would recommend the island for a peaceful getaway break.

Portelet Bay port 3 +

Rozel gardens

St Malo pavement cafe 1 ls

St Malo shop

St Malo square

St Malo street

St Malo walls stone port 2

St Ouen sunset prot 1

St Ouens waves surf 1

Tower St Ouens mist 2 surfers



Images (12)
  • Portelet Bay.
  • Portelet Bay granite shore
  • Portelet Bay beach.
  • Rozel gardens
  • St Malo - pavement scene.
  • St Malo shopping.
  • St Malo square.
  • St Malo street.
  • St Malo - city walls.
  • St Ouen's bay sunset.
  • St Ouen's Bay - waves and surf.
  • Rocco Tower - St Ouen's.

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