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Jelly Legs? Avoid these new bridges!


In the never-ending quest for the most spectacular views and the most potentially heart-stopping experiences, two new tourist bridges are out there for those who like to look a long way down from perilous perches.

For those of us whose legs turn to jelly at the thought, well...

The first of the bridges to open is the Bach Long bridge in Vietnam's Son La province; it's a 2,073-foot long glass-bottom roadway that passes almost 500 feet above a lush jungle-clad gorge.

The other, which will open later this month in Czechia, is named Sky Bridge 721, its length in meters, which makes it, at 2,365 feet, the world's longest suspension footbridge. The drop to the valley floor is a bit over 300 feet. Unlike the Vietnamese bridge, it doesn't have a glass floor or metal side rails. It's under four feet wide, and has ropes running along the side for support.

The Czech bridge's operator warns that “We do not recommend entry for people who are afraid of heights with accompanying feelings of dizziness, shaking of the head, feelings of fainting and inability to move.”


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