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JD Power: America's best and worst airports


Leaving aside those for whom every airport is the worst that can happen, American travelers had plenty to say about their airports in a JD Power survey that lists the most and least favored across three sizes of American airports.

J.D. Power derives the rankings from six factors, in order of importance: terminal facilities, airport arrival and departure, baggage claim, security check, check-in and baggage check-in, and food, beverage and retail options.

Aside from the ratings, the survey showed that passenger satisfaction was up a bit from last year, by 3 points on a scale of 1,000, despite year-long issues of pilot and air controller shortages and extended weather delays. Those surveyed cited improvements in terminal facilities, baggage claim and retail services.

In the 'mega' airport category, for airports with 33 million passengers or more a year, Detroit pushed last year's #1, Minneapolis into second place, just ahead of Las Vegas, with scores of 800, 796 and 787 points. Newark Liberty ranked 16th and last with 732.

'Large airports' that get 10 million up to 32.9 million were led by Tampa, with 832 points, ahead of Orange County/John Wayne at 829 and Salt Lake City with 825. New York LaGuardia, which dwelt in the basement for years, rose to 14th place at 788 points, average for the segment.

In 'medium' airports, which start at 4.5 million passengers, the lead went to Indianapolis, also first place last year, with 843 points, followed by Fort Myers, Florida at 839 and Ontario, California at 834.

Quick impression: It's easier for smaller airports to keep passengers happy!

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