January 6, 2017: Tyne Anew, Royal Quays Marina, England.


Royal Quays Marina, North Shields, at the river`s edge, stands the 71 feet high orange steel structure entitled, Tyne Anew by the renowned American sculptor, Mark di Suvero.

The work, the artist`s first UK commission, is a monument to artistic engineering and balancing skill, with the three huge tripod style legs supporting a top piece that gently twists and dips in the wind. It took three years to construct in the artist`s New York studio before being dismantled and shipped to England. Sandblasting, priming and painting preceded final transportation by road to the Royal Quays. The three day installation of the work was carried out over the last weekend in July 1999.

Of the work, the artist said, “The North East is rich in history and the legacy of heavy industry is visible everywhere you look. I wanted to add to this feeling of the past impacting on the present and Tyne Anew will be a constant reminder of the industrial foundations the North East is built on”.

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