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January 28, 2018: The Gardens of Shiraz

Once in the city, green trees embrace every street and make it a great place to walk. The showcase garden of Shiraz is Bagh-e-Eram, with a beautifully renovated building that mirrors in the large pool and draws the most tourists. School children are taken to the garden to have their photos taken and enjoy a picnic; couples sit on benches, whispering to each other and holding hands (an absolute novelty we hear).
Another carefully kept garden surrounds the tomb of Shiraz is of the most famous poet, Hafez. To touch the tombstone and have your picture taken is a must-do, for local and international tourists alike. Iranians love to take photos of each other. This allowed for some great photo opportunities. Like at the beautiful Tomb of Saadi, the other great Shirazi poet who wrote about gardens and roses. Some of his elegantly phrased verses are still commonly used in conversations.




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