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Italy capping cost of sunbathing


With nearly 43% of Italy's beachfronts now privately owned and run, the government is proposing new caps on the cost of renting a lounger or umbrella and new requirements to maintain or increase free access to sun and sand.

The preliminary measure, which got unanimous approval, will allow setting of caps on prices based on  “a fair ratio between rates and quality of service for everyone, including for the disabled,” according to the ANSA news agency.

Rates for renting a couple of loungers and an umbrella have been shooting up and can now top €50 for a day.

The draft also calls for limits on how much beachfront any one owner can control, and mandates “an adequate balance between state-owned areas and free or equipped free areas.” This could include requiring new owners to maintain at least some degree of free access.

The final rules are expected to be passed within the next six months, and to go into effect in January, 2024.

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