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Italian kids raising funds to buy an island


The Italian island of Budelli, an "unspoiled paradise" in the chain between Sardinia and Corsica, may have a new owner, if Italian schoolchildren succeed in their goal of raising funds to buy the island and make it a public park for children.

But they have a long way to go. The crowdfunding campaign started by students at a middle school in the Italian Alps, has so far raised about €75 in the small town. But their goal is to get €0.50 from every student in Italy, and they're on the case. If successful, they would rename the uninhabited island 'Isola dei Ragazzi' or Children's Island.

The island, whose pink sand beaches are said to be the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, has been the subject of a long legal back-and-forth between Italy and Michael Harle, a New Zealand banker who bought it for nearly €3 million when it was up for auction in 2013.

He said at the time his plan was to make it into a conservation zone, but politicians protested, and sued. After a back-and-forth battle in court, Harle appeared to have won, but after his victory last October, he backed out of the deal. For more detail from, click HERE


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