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Iran hopes nuclear deal will set off tourist explosion

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Headlineà Iran hopes nuclear deal will set off tourist explosion

The multi-national nuclear deal with Iran announced last week has raised Iran’s hopes of again becoming a mainline tourist destination, as sanctions and tensions will both subside over the next few years.


As TravelGumbo blogger Gra ndEscapades pointed out HERE in January, there is a lot to see, both in terms of ancient sites and sights, and modern cities and people. Iran has already moved to ease visa restrictions on foreign visitors, extending them from 15 days to one month and preparing to shift to electronic visas.


What there isn’t enough of is hotels, and Iranian is planning to build at least 200 new ones to accommodate growing tourism, which has already increased since the 2013 election of a new government more  open to tourism and perceived as more moderate.


The boom may take a while to develop, though; at this point, the British Foreign Office and others are advising against all but essential travel. Despite that, many more British visitors have made the trip, and more are likely. For Americans, the lure of the country may take a bit longer.


For a longer and interesting article in the Guardian (UK) click HERE

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