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Hui Tz Tao Temple, Suwanee, Georgia


Construction of the Hui Tz Tao Temple was started in 2007, and was built mostly by volunteers. The roof is made up of over 60,000 terra cotta tiles imported from Taiwan. There are two main floors of worship area inside the temple, and there is another section of the temple where Sunday school classes for children are held and where Tai Chi and Chinese painting techniques are taught.


So what is Tao (which is pronounced ‘Dao’)? The general foreman of the construction site, Min Nan Sze, explains that ‘Tao is not to be confused with Taoism; Tao is for everyone with a conscience, and is not a religion. Tao is the basic truth of all teachings, and it includes all religions. If they drink the water and breathe the air, they belong to God, even if they don’t believe in God. Everybody has Tao’.


The Hui Tz Tao Temple is located on Satellite Boulevard and is Gwinnett county’s first Tao Temple.  And, Hui Tzi means ‘wisdom and mercy.’


Photos are mine, but most of the description comes from my colleague, Allan Peel of San Antonio who described this place much better than I would have.


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