How to spend your Vacation in Hungary?



Hungary is an incredible place to spend a few days or even a few weeks of vacation. There are a lot of great things to do and even more amazing places to visit. Hungary is a very lucky country, because it has a diverse scenery including mountains, valleys, lakes, and great thermal and natural resources.

Every visitor should be able to find interesting and unique things to do. It does not matter if you are interested in culinary, culture, arts, history, or scenery, there will be more than enough things to please you.

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Hungarian food is a must

One of the most beloved parts of the Hungarian culture is the food. It is hearty, spicy, filling, and there are pairings you have never heard of before. A few dishes might sound strange or look unusual, but make sure to try them.

 If visiting Budapest, go into the Vásárcsarnok, which is the city’s biggest farmers’ market. There are dozens of small restaurants and eateries to try out where people can enjoy home made food. You will never be able to forget these authentic flavours.

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Be sure to pay Budapest a visit

Of course, one of the most popular places is Budapest. The capital city is full of life, events, sights and interesting places. Interestingly, this large urban metropolitan city is full of green areas, such as the Városliget, where you can find a huge park with bars, restaurants, a castle and even a lake. This is an excellent spot to spend an evening and enjoy some hungarian food and beverages.

If you are looking for a different type of greenery, make sure to visit Margaret Island, which is a large island between Buda and Pest. You can visit the zoo, go swimming, enjoy some work out on the tracks around the island, or get a nice cup of coffee at one of the lovely cafés. Margaret Island is also home to one of the wonderful and elegant Ensana Hotels which provide exceptional therapeutic services.

 These include massages, thermal waters, healing mud and spa services. This is a true oasis in the middle of the busy city, where visitors and locals can both enjoy some quiet and relaxing time. A truly unique experience for all. If you are interested in special packages do not hesitate to contact Ensana as they offer special, personalized packages for everyone.

If you are well relaxed, make sure to rent a bicycle at the island to explore it even more. You can bike across the bridge to Buda or Pest, and go around the city.

Tired of Budapest? Visit Hevíz, the home of Hungarian thermal waters!

Hungary is a very old country, which means it has a long and heavy history. The heritage is incredible, and you can see elements of it in buildings, in districts and even in smaller cities as well. One of the most visited sites in Hungary is Hévíz, a large thermal town.

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The lake Hévíz is a home to many great spa locations, so it is understandable you will also have many hotels in Hevíz to choose from. This is also the largest natural thermal lake in the world! Here you can find healing mud, thermal waters which have a long list of healing properties.

If you are looking for a wonderful place to unwind, eat amazing food, relax, and get all the benefits of natural sources, Hévíz is the best option to go to.

If you like traveling around the country side and want to explore more beauties of the beautiful and unique Hungary, plan a visit to Sárvár. The history of Sárvár goes back to the 16th century and ever since it played a very important role in the history of Hungary. Throughout the years it was a centre of attention for various reasons. The town itself is incredible, and very beautiful. There are dozens of programs each weekend, for families, children, and adults as well.

The Nádasdy castle of Sárvár is a well visited royal building, and for a 5 century old building it looks amazing. Make sure to go on a few days trip to Sárvár to visit the castle and learn more about the history. There is a lot behind those walls, and guided tours can be very helpful.

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As mentioned before, the culinary arts in Hungary are spectacular, and each region is specialized in various dishes. If you are traveling around the country make sure explore the local foods and you might even learn a few new dishes to make.

Whatever you decide to do in Hungary, you will have an amazing time for sure. There are so many wonderful places to visit, restaurants to try and experiences to have in Hungary. This unique and beautiful country has so much to offer to everyone.


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