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How to Choose the Perfect Spot to Dine with Friends



Hi! I am Josh and currently an intern with an architecture company. It’s my third month here and I was fortunate to make good friends, who are also interns from different universities.  We are a group of five who regularly meet up and go out together whenever we have the opportunity to.

The best thing about my group is that we love to try different restaurants in search of something new. From traditional menus to specialist cuisines, there is nothing that we aren’t willing to sample at least once. It is all part of the adventure. As long as the restaurant offers a comfortable spot to catch up with friends, helpful service and, of course, fine food and drink we are ready to begin the festivities.  

Depending on the mood of the group and what takes our fancy on the night, we often stick to our tried and trusted favorites.  Every now and then, though, we like to sample something different.  If I and my friends are exhausted due to overloaded work, we do an online search for places which are soothing, refreshing and act as mood boosters. All have a different way to handle things  which help in selecting a suitable venue.  My search method makes me feel proud when my friends appreciate me for it. It's not rocket science, but there are some rules which I follow every time. Here are some important points while you search for a suitable venue:


How to select a suitable venue to dine tonight?

Before I start my search, the points of consideration at the initial stage are word of mouth or customer reviews. They are very helpful and most people never take it seriously as they want to experiment it themselves. But this gives you 25-30% of an idea of what the restaurant is like.

Now, as per my priorities, there are various criterias I use before selecting a particular restaurant:

Its Location: which matters the most. I won't dine to a place where there is no parking unless it offers me something special. It has to be easy and convenient to get to, which is why we have found ourselves dining at St James Hotel’s onsite restaurant on more than one occasion when in Nottingham.

Its Ambiance: Ambience is what brings life to a place but I have seen places which are a way too lively, meaning you can barely hear one another talk, or as dull as grey. Just question yourself, would you like to dine at a place where there is no charm?

Is it good value for your money?: My gang always checks the bill and equally divides it afterwards so we never head for an very expensive restaurant. It is my top priority to look for a place which is pocket-friendly. Who won't like food that is less expensive, healthy and gels your mood?

Service: Extraordinary services are always expected at top restaurants. Why would one visit a place when service is not up to scratch and your food arrives much later than expected. I won't recommend a place which tests my hunger. If you want us to pay for it, then maintain good service.

Hygiene: Hygiene is necessary to stay healthy and a good venue will always serve good food. My group is so health conscious that they will start with their ‘eews’ and ‘oohs’ immediately if they find any fault in the food. You don’t want to get embarrassed, do you? So don’t mess with the hygiene because health is wealth.


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