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Honeymoon Planning: Where to Go and What to Do


After getting engaged all you could think about was the wedding, and now the wedding is over it’s all about the honeymoon. People love organizing their honeymoon along with their wedding, but you might still be unsure which destination is right for you. Don’t panic; we give you a brief list of fantastic honeymoon destinations which you and your partner will certainly love.


For wine lovers

If you and your betrothed are wine-lovers, you probably have several destinations in mind: Tuscany, Italy, Beaujolais, France, and perhaps even sunny California. Still, why not try exploring South Africa instead? Franschhoek has rich past as a French colony, and there is also a private 30-acre estate decorated with mountains and vineyards alike. You will feel like you’re in your own private little palace if you visit La Residence: colorful silk, crystal chandeliers, oriental antiques speak of centuries past and a number of lovely wineries will allow you to taste wines made of grapes kissed by generous African sun.

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For those in love with history

The eternal city is a feast for all senses, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the city is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. The city of Rome is thousands of years old and everywhere you turn and look you will find beautiful art and ancient monuments. Not only is the food unbelievably delicious, but every sunset you experience here will be truly magical. Art and history enthusiasts will be out of their minds, and even if you’ve skipped those classes back in college, you will not be able to ignore the beauty of this city. Everyone who visits Rome swears they have to come back again, and seeing as the city easily inspires lust for life in practically anyone, it isn’t something that should surprise us. Ancient ruins, old churches, romantic piazzas and charming gel gelaterias will make you fall in love with Italy and you will have the most memorable time.


For die-hard romantics

Provence is another word for romance, and France is well known for its picturesque landscapes and charming customs. Honeymoon in Provence will give you everything you’ve been dreaming of: romantic dinners over excellent wine, wonderful cheese and fruit, splendid historic places… All in all, a heaven for any bon vivant. Starting from Arles and going down to the French Riviera, the area harbors towns written down in history such as Avignon. What is more, those who long for an adventure will find real gems in forms of rugged landscapes such as Gorges du Verdon which is a real paradise for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts. Pick lavender in the fields, ride horseback, go wine tasting, and feed each other exquisite French cheese.


The sound of music

Autumn in New York is an art-lover’s paradise: music, theatre, and art are everywhere, and doesn’t take much research to discover a number of theatres and galleries with exhibitions and plays you’ve been dying to see. As art-lovers you probably already have a list of things to see and do when in New York, but you definitely shouldn’t forget about concerts at Carnegie Hall’s, operas at the Metropolitan Opera, and plays and musicals on Broadway. If you’re looking for an intimate experience but would also like to learn something new while you’re there, you can book one of the small group tours and have an expert guide by your side.

Bookworm’s dream

Any bookworm will flinch and fall into despair when thinking or talking about Alexandria’s original library. The fact that it had been destroyed over a millennia and a half ago makes no difference. There is small hope, however, that today’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina will recapture some of its former glory. The spirit of public learning is still alive here, and besides a huge reading room that gives a view of the sea, visitors can visit a planetarium and four museums. Egypt’s history and culture are fascinating and anyone who’s in love with books will love the idea of visiting the library along with pyramids.

Remember that honeymoon isn’t all about sleeping, eating, and sunbathing. You could do those things in a hotel in a nearby city. It’s about traveling together, going on an adventure, and learning about the world. Pick a destination that offers something both of you will love to experience, be it music, art, wine, or great food, and you bring wonderful memories back home.


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