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Home for Christmas? Take your tree on Delta


With all the fees and restrictions on airline baggage, it's nice to occasionally stumble on an unexpected touch of grace—such as being allowed to fly with your Christmas tree as a carry-on

I was checking Delta's rules for an upcoming trip when I came upon the rule on Delta's website under 'Special Items.' Here it is, verbatim: 

Christmas Trees
Who are we to turn away holiday spirit? We allow cut Christmas trees as limited release baggage  on all flights within the United States, including flights to/from Hawaii. However, all Christmas trees will be subject to baggage allowance and size guidelines, as well as some other rules: 

  • Trees need to be adequately packaged with the root ball or cut base and all branches wrapped and secured using a burlap type material.
  • If you are traveling into Hawaii and checking a Christmas tree as baggage, you must include it on your declaration form and the tree must pass agricultural inspection

A couple of paragraphs later, after banning computers in checked bags, the airline also advises on Cremated Remains, which are allowed if you have a death or cremation certificate. It also has to reveal its contents to TSA scanners, because, it advises, "TSA is not allowed to open the container under any circumstance." You bet.

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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