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History Comes to Life in Texas


For a century, visitors to Canyon, Texas, have had the privilege of visiting the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum (PPHM).

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The sizeable and impressive museum is the largest history museum in Texas, with more than 285,000 square feet—and more than three million artifacts—all dedicated to preserving this area’s past.

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The museum has several permanent exhibits including:

  • Art: Since the first acquisitions in 1933, the art collection has grown to 8,000 art objects making it the finest Southwestern American art collection between Fort Worth and Santa Fe and the most comprehensive historic Texas art collection in the state.

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  • Archeology: This collection focuses on prehistoric Native American artifacts of the Southern Plains

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  • Geology, Paleontology, and Natural History: Exhibits include fossils, dinosaurs, and rocks.

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Other exhibits include everything from People of the Plains, Pioneer Town, and Textiles to Transportation and Windmills.

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All the exhibits are tastefully presented in colorful and imaginative ways.

For more information: PPHM and Amarillo.


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