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Having fun in the Town Square, Piran


I grew up in a small Canadian town with lots of space and green grass on which to play baseball with my friends during the summer, and frozen ponds on which to play hockey in the cold winter months.  I always felt sorry for kids who'd grown up in the city because I didn't know how they could enjoy their play living in such a crowded place.



This youngster clearly proved the ideas of my youth were inaccurate.  She was spotted and enjoyed by my wife and I in the main square plaza of Piran, Slovenia.  The lack of grass and many buildings surrounding the square don't seem to distract from her enjoyment of being with her family and playing with her toys.  She was having a grand time toddling around.


For those who might be worried that I am a child stalker, don't be -- I asked the parents if it was okay for me to take her photo.  They kindly consented.

A reminder below of what Piran's Tartini Square looks like.



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