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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Sept. 30, 2013: Rescue Team, Chartres, France


020 September 30 2013 Chartres-2013-086 Rescue team at Cardinal's House


Chartres is a lovely medieval town an hour's train ride from Paris (perfect day-trip destination), with a magnificent Cathedral.  We were enjoying views of the town of Chartres from the garden balcony of the Bishop`s Palace when this team of brightly clad firemen arrived.  They were preparing to rappel down the ramparts of the Bishop`s garden, a training exercise for them.  Most members of the group were men, but at least 2 were women.  They were obviously confident, well-trained professionals.


I found their colorful garb and easy going banter quite interesting, and it's exactly the type of "every day" scene I like to photograph when I travel.  Thought I`d share that moment with you today.


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  • Rescue team at Bishop`s Palace, Chartres, France

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