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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, July 5, 2014: Po Lin Buddha, Lantau Island



Hong Kong’s international airport occupies a flat area attached to the north side of Lantau Island.  The highway and the train that connect HKG to the city skirt the island and seem in no way to disturb the tranquility of small fishing villages and settlements on the large island, seemingly far removed from the bustle of one of the world’s great cities.  

Po Lin Monastery sits on top of the mountain and what draws most visitors to it, I'm sure, is the Buddha.  One of the largest in the world, one cannot appreciate the size from far away.  Up close and with a human being to indicate scale, the enormity of the Buddha comes into focus.  A visit to the monastery makes for a great day trip from Hong Kong, for the contrast with the city, as well as the place itself.  I recommend it.



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