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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Nov. 19, 2013: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Calgary, Alberta


Calgary Stampede RCMP Musical Ride 002

With the exception of its red Maple Leaf, I don't think there's any Canadian symbol more iconic than its Mounties.  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), are Canada's national police force and have a history dating to the days of the Wild West.  They still function as an important law enforcement agency.


Given their history, many Mounties have an affinity for horses so it's not surprising that their famous Musical Ride evolved.  A select troop of Mounties and their mounts perform choreographed moves to music.  Very smooth, very beautiful to watch.  They have an extensive tour schedule and are "good will ambassadors".  If you ever have a chance to see the RCMP Musical Ride, do so. 


Images (2)
  • Calgary Stampede RCMP Musical Ride: Mounties getting ready to head out for their performance
  • Calgary Stampede RCMP Musical Ride: Among the many interesting formations you'll see

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