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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, April 4, 2015: Sea Gull Inn, Mendocino, California



March 10, 2015


On my road trip to the Northern California coast in March, I stayed with a friend 17 miles down the road from Mendocino.  But on 2 previous visits I’d stayed at the Sea Gull Inn.  The first time was in 1979, during an experimental adventure with my son, sans automobile, unheard-of in California, and then again with my sister 8 years ago.





It’s an old-fashioned place, a charming house with simple bedrooms like your grandmother’s, and views over the bluff to the Pacific Ocean below.  After stopping for coffee, I took a walk around the corner to see how the place was doing, and despite the early spring weather, the garden was looking pretty good.  I recommend it.






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