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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Jul 6, 2015: Fish Market, Catania


The city of Catania is on the south-east coast of Sicily and is known as the "Milan" of the south. Renowned for the its' architecture and Roman history, it's a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. On a recent trip there we enjoyed our time by wandering the streets and soaking up the atmosphere of this fascinating and friendly destination.

 I have a passion for markets, and the fish market in centre of Catania was an experience and a delight. Dozens of vendors selling all types of delectable seafood and the visual extravaganza was a show in itself with both locals and visitors standing around just to watch the entertainment!

 Surprisingly, it wasn't smelly like you would expect a fish market to be. It was very clean and hygienic, and was washed down at the end of the days' trading. We found the Sicilians to be a warm and inviting people and would highly recommend a visit.


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  • Fish Market, Catania

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