Gumbo's Pic of the Day, January 8, 2015: Statue of Elvis Presley, Beale Street, Memphis, TN



Today is Elvis Presley's eightieth birthday.  In honor of this event, it seemed fitting to do a Picture of the Day dedicated to "The King".  I came across this attractive bronze statue of Elvis on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.   Sculpted by Andrea Luger and unveiled in 1997, this statue is a fitting tribute to one of Memphis' most famous citizens.  I enjoyed this charming statue of Elvis and it's location, for it shows Elvis as he would have appeared when he was able to walk the streets of Memphis in the mid fifties, enjoying the sights of his beloved city and being influenced by the sounds of Beale Street.








Happy Birthday Elvis!  Thank you for sharing your musical gift with the world and leaving us with a treasure trove of songs to enjoy.  Your talent has and still influences musicians around the globe, and for all that, we are grateful and remember you on this special day.





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Great pictures, Ottoman!  And for rock'n'roll fans, a special day.  Elvis at 80 is a little hard to imagine, but I'm sure were he alive he would just crack a joke about it.


TravelGumbo is doing a series on Elvis destinations in the south next month, so keep an eye out for that!

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