Gumbo's Pic of the Day, January 13, 2015: Red Carp, Thousand Island Lake


The Thousand Islands Lake is a artificial lake located in the southwest of the city of Hangzhou.  There are 1,078 islands dotting a lake that covers 567.4 square kilometers.  In 1959, Xin’anjiang Dam, which is used to generate electricity, created a reservoir that turned thousands of mountaintops into islands, forming the present-day Thousand Islands Lake.  Boat tours can take tourists for island hopping.  One popular spot is the red and golden carp viewing floating deck.  In an area of netted water, thousands of very large red and golden carp fish are very enthusiastic for food.  Tourists can buy fish pellets to feed them. Whenever you spread pellets, thousand of fishes can sometimes forming an amazing giant fish ball, a truly spectacular scene.    





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