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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, January 10, 2015: Pantheon, Rome



The Pantheon is a memorable building, whatever the circumstances of finding oneself there, but this day was particularly notable.  Right after I took these pictures I turned and came face-to-face with a Dutchman, a stranger until the day before, when I’d spent an hour chatting with him over lunch in a restaurant in Trastevere we both chanced to be in.  We found, in the course of the conversation, we had mutual close friends in Amsterdam.  So running into him twice in 2 days, by sheer coincidence, in 2 disparate locations was...well, you can imagine.  We just sat on a wall beside this beautiful building and quietly enjoyed watching the crowd together.


Read more about this superb and ancient building on Wikipedia.






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One of my favorite buildings in the world!  Perhaps the first domed building of any size ever built and certainly the longest lasting.  A testament to the architectural genius of the Romans and a building that has been appreciated by hundreds of millions over the millennia.

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According to Wikipedia, it's the largest un-reinforced concrete dome in the world...even today!


I'm always staggered, considering marvels such as this, as Cologne Cathedral in Thursday's blog, and so many more, just how much could be done by artisans and craftsmen without the academic training we give our engineers and architects, but with a lot of thoughtful study.

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