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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Jan, 6, 2014: The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia


Situated in Western Australia, Nambung National Park is well known for its eroded rock columns, known as "The Pinnacles".  It's a fascinating desert landscape, yellow sand with thousands of these erect limestone pillars like a stone forest by the sea.  The park sits on the Indian Ocean, three hour’s drive north of Perth.  A scenic walk and drive wind through the ancient limestone formations of the Pinnacles, some of them three and a half meters tall.  Fossilized seashells are found within them.  The desert landscape here is in contrast to the surrounding bush typical of this coast.

Rumor has it that foreign ships sailed by the Pinnacles desert and saw these many tall columns at a distance and, thinking them an army of defenders, kept moving on.   

We were there at dawn and dusk, and the changing light on the rocks and sand was great to watch!  We saw a number of wild emus and large number of colorful songbirds.  There are many wildflowers in bloom here in the spring season (August to October).  Western Australia is well know for its profusion of wildflowers, alone a reason to travel here.


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  • Nambung National Park, Western Austalia.  The Pinnacles in the a.m.

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