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Gumbo's Pic of the Day: Jan. 16, 2014: Liverpool Victoria Gallery


As Liverpool has been given the number 3 spot by Rough Guides in the Top 10 World Cities I thought maybe somewhere to visit ( Free ) if you pass this way.

The Victoria Gallery and Museum isn't well advertised. But it's full of amazing stuff to catch your interest. It's part of Liverpool University.

It has 2 American connections.

In the Art Gallery you will find the largest collection of paintings (outside the US)  by the Wildlife Artist - John James Audubon. Beautiful works and he captures the early years of America.

The second connection is the Museum of Dentistry.

Dentures had been produced using Human Teeth from the 1800's and demand outstripped supply. So they were very expensive.

That changed in the 1860's as barrels of human teeth were exported from the US to Liverpool.

It's a cruel world !


If you read the Life Story of John James Audubon (1785 - 1851) its a fascinating tale of a man born to a French father and a Spanish creole mother in Haiti.



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Hello GarryRF, good post. Interesting to know there is more to see in Liverpool than The Beatles (it's okay, I'm a huge Beatles fan). I've always wanted to visit there, not only for Beatles sights, but I've heard it's had a revamp over the last few years and is now a tourist hot spot. Can you recommend a good time of the year to visit and how many days to see the main attractions?

My favourite time to visit attractions is May-June-July.

Before the little monsters are released on school vacation.

Liverpool has hundreds of things to do - no exaggeration !

Here's 128 to go on with

Liverpool makes a good hub for visiting nearby Chester with its 2,000 year old Roman Walls and Tudor Buildings. The River Dee and North Wales. All using local public transport - mostly trains. You can get a flight, Liverpool - Dublin from about $70 return with Ryanair. Same day or a few days. Less than an hour each way. Or Amsterdam. Or Paris France, Spain, Poland, North Africa, Italy and many more. We use it like a local Bus service !

All very affordable - see Ryanair for details.

Another advantage to Liverpool is we have good hotels with thousands of beds at affordable prices.

We also have 20 miles of beach to play on. Or you can walk or cycle the Coastal Pathway through the sand hills for 20 miles. And get the train back ! ( Distances Below)

No traffic - no roads - just nature!












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