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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, February 4, 2015: White Rock Pier, BC

White Rock Pier TG


I recently visited the west coast and took in a sunrise at the White Rock Pier.  Stretching two and a half kilometres across the waterfront, the White Rock Promenade and its adjoining pier is built into Semiahmoo Bay.  The infamous White Rock Pier is an historic landmark dating back to the 1920's and is one of the finest tourist attractions boasting over 1,559 feet of boardwalk.  Featuring a boat launch for sailing and kayaking from our local marinas, the pier attracts a multitude of strollers, sea gulls and crabbers and is the areas most popular attraction.  Here, visitors and locals can listen to street musicians, view art outside the museum, walk alongside historic buildings, train tracks and explore the inviting beaches. White Rock's Promenade and Pier are the perfect destination for a day of fun.


White Rock Sunrise TG


Images (2)
  • White Rock Pier TG: Misty morning at the pier.
  • White Rock Sunrise TG: Sunrise by the pier.

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Lovely photos, SCP, thanks!


White Rock is a great day-trip destination from Vancouver, even Seattle.  A charming place just north of the 49th parallel, it's a wonderful place to go for a walk by the sea or to get some fresh seafood.  Walking out to the end of the pier and looking back at the mainland is a memorable moment.



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