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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Feb 3, 2014: Sunset over the Dalles, Oregon

POD 007 Feb 3, 2014. The Dulles, Oregon


The town known as "The Dalles" was the western end of the historic Oregon Trail  It was where pioneers in the 19th century loaded their wagons onto rafts or barges and floated them down the Columbia River to the mouth of the Willamette (later the Barlow Trail was constructed to permit an overland crossing from The Dalles).


Fort Dalles, established in 1850 to protect immigrants, was the only military post between the Pacific Coast and Wyoming. There are still many older buildings that you can still visit in the historic downtown region of The Dalles, and it's fun to visit and explore.  The town is centered on the Columbia River and much the recreation is centered on it, especially windsurfing and fishing.  


This photo was taken at dusk as we were driving along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.  The sunset framed the Dalles (hydroelectric) Dam, the town, and most beautiful of all, Mt. Hood.  A memorable sunset!


POD 007b Feb 3, 2014. The Dulles, Oregon


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  • Sunset, The Dulles, Oregon
  • Mt. Hood at dusk, photographed at The Dulles, Oregon

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