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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Dec. 9, 2013: Biggest 12 pack in the world, Idaho

Vail 8-2007 004 Idaho scenery


I admire the ingenuity of the human spirit! Usually I try not to post pictures of a commercial nature on this website, but the cleverness of this appeals to me.


While driving south on I-15, from Montana to Utah, we passed the farm country of southeastern Idaho.  A rich fertile area growing grain and hay, it's not far from Yellowstone National Park.  Often beside the road were these enormous grain elevators, tall steel cylinders often clustered together.  Someone saw potential there and in the distance I glimpsed what looked like the world's largest 12 pack of beer.  It was miles before we were actually on this particular grain elevator complex, to give you some idea of its size.  This large banner ad was carefully placed around the steel grain storage cylinders such that each one looked like a wrapped beer can but on a huge scale.  The effect was like a multipack of beer you might buy in the store.  The colors and famous Clydesdale horses only add to the effect. 


Photo was snapped from a moving car with the window rolled down.  It certainly woke me from my highway hypnosis.


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  • A large grain storage facility, with the largest Budweiser ad I've ever seen.: Located alongside the I-15 freeway, north of Idaho Falls

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