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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Dec. 4, 2013: Patterns from the Air


Conditions aren’t always right—too much cloud, not enough sun, not the right scene on the ground—but pictures from the air can offer dramatic views. One recent blog on TravelGumbo featured an amazing series of views of ice-bound Greenland from six miles up.

The picture above, and those in the slideshow below show how a landscape of fields, roads and villages can become almost completely abstract until close inspection reveals the pieces and the patterns. All but the last, with the green triangle, were taken shortly before landing on a 2009 flight from Barcelona to Madrid; the other was almost immediately after take-off from Prague in 2003.

I’ve spent some time working out “best tricks” for airplane window shots, but all the ones I’ve found and then some are in this article by Darren Rowse on a digital photography site.







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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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These photographs are just phenomenal.  Thank you for sharing these.  The how to link is very helpful. 


I always try to take pictures when I fly.  A few times, when I have had my camera out mid-flight, flight attendants have asked me to put it away.  When I have questioned  this, they have insisted that this is covered in their training.  I do not remember clearly, but I think that this has happened on British Airways flights.  Has anyone else run into this ?  Love the inflight pictures.


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Hi Louie Louie,


It has happened to me once, but usually it's not an issue.  I have a small pocket camera I keep at hand when flying.  When I see something that interests me, I pull it out and take a photo.  (remember to turn the flash off, it won't help and will cause a big bright spot on the window)  So long as you don't send or receive a signal, it isn't a problem.  With the softening of TSA inflight electronic requirements, this should be even less of an issue in the future.

Originally Posted by DrFumblefinger:

  With the softening of TSA inflight electronic requirements, this should be even less of an issue in the future.

 Hello, good Dr. F

That is a good point.   Sure, the flight attendants ought to be less fussy now.

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