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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Aug 19th, 2014: Limestone Caves, Malta

Limestone Caves



The Maltese islands are made up of natural limestone and have been called a geological paradise by those with an interest. They are also ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are many inlets, bays and rock formations where divers and swimmers can enjoy their sport and marvel at the blue waters of the Mediterranean.


One such area where you can experience this is on the north-western coast, just near St Paul's Bay. We took a boat excursion along this part recently and were able to get close to several sea caverns that had formed over the centuries. It was mid-morning and the sun was at just the right height to reflect the numerous shades of the blue water and also the brilliant phosphorescent colors of the underwater flora.


Many of these caves have names, and this one was called the Santa Marija Cave. You can only reach these by small boat as the larger vessels can only circle around the coast. The most popular and well known of these caves is the Blue Grotto, which is located on the south coast. Spring and Summer are the ideal times to see them as the waters do get a bit rough at other times of the year. 


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