Gumbo's Pic of the Day: A look at the first quarter, 2014

Almwick Castle, UK


One of the most popular features on our website is "Gumbo's Pic of the Day".  A fresh photo (or a few) each day with accompanying description about that photo.  For the purposes of this blog I picked one (above) that was smack in the middle of the quarter, Valentine's Day, posted by TG Guru "Mac".  It's of beautiful Almwick Castle in the UK but could have been any of nearly a hundred others.


In the first quarter we've traveled the world with "Pic of the Day" -- everywhere from Hawaii to Chile to Malta, from the United States to Australia, India and China. There were photos of people going about their daily business, of fascinating faces, of great architecture, markets, sunsets and places of breath-taking natural beauty.  Like a good edible gumbo, Pic of the Day had a little of everything and the combined ingredients made for delicious reading.


We're curious about which photos you liked best.  These are now easily accessible by clicking the "Archive" button on the toolbar (below the banner at the top of the page) but which for your convenience are linked below.  Click on the thumbnails to see the photos in more detail and to read their descriptions.








So please in the comment section below share with us some of your favorites and why you liked them!


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I like a lot of these photos but have got two favorites:


-  The old snake charmer.  Love the glasses, his posture, and of course the snake


Snake charmer


 - For natural beauty (and the beautiful bridge), one of my favorite cities, San Francisco

Golden Gate


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I like this one, of the guy with his dog.  Reminds me of my granddad walking his little dog in Santa Monica when I was a kid.  Good photos, good memories.



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There are so many great ones. I think the Lighthouse in Norway pic from Mac is pretty cool

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