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Grand Hyatt Rockin' New Year’s Eve Party - Denver, CO


As I stated in my Hyatt Regency, Denver, post we joined their reward program and have visited a few hotels since then. The Grand Hyatt in Denver is the one hotel of this brand that we have actually been to multiple times, mostly for their Rockin New Year’s Eve party hosted by Mix 100. This was also the hotel that introduced to their reward program!

Grand Hyatt - LobbyWe have always had a blast and can’t say enough wonderful, things about this hotel. The staff has always been friendly and efficient They live up to their belief that luxury hotels should offer more than just a good night's sleep and they take pride in providing guests with the best of everything, from great restaurants to modern rooms and skilled service.  . We have always felt welcomed when visiting.

Grand-Hyatt-Lobby2As I said, we have been here a few times, but I think we really enjoyed our first stay the most.  We were there for the New Year’s Eve party and we were greeted with a glass of champagne as we were waiting to be checked in. How is that for service? I knew right then, it was going to be an amazing evening.  It got even better when BO and TJ from Mix 100 came over to say hi when they recognized us from previous events. Always nice to see those guys

Grand Hyatt - RoomAfter we got to our room we checked our view, and it was nice. We were able to see where their running track and tennis courts are located. Granted they were covered with snow, but it was still cool to see.  The view was much nicer later in the evening with all the lights of Downtown Denver shining.

Grand-Hyatt-ViewBefore we headed down to the party we read a little bit about the hotel and some of its amenities.  First of all the hotel has  516 elegant non-smoking rooms, a 24-hour FedEx business center, a 24-hour StayFit gym, an outdoor jogging track and outdoor tennis court at the rooftop Skycourt, and an Indoor heated pool with an outdoor deck. We definitely decided to use the pool before we left the next day. They also have a Starbucks, the Fireside Bar, and Pub 17 to enjoy while at the hotel.

Grand Hyatt - Tennis CourtAfter a quick snooze, we got dressed up and headed down to join the party. It was absolutely spectacular. Everything was exquisite.  They had four rooms set up that guests could visit with a massive buffet in between the rooms. They also had little bars set up all over the place to grab your favorite party drink or to try something different. Why not? We were a little hungry and headed to the buffet and grabbed some food, then stood in line to get a drink. After further review, we should have went to the bar first as it was still early and the drink lines were a little long at that point.  Oh well live and learn, lol


As we are old farts (as my nieces love to call us) we liked the room where they were playing 50's, 60's and 80's music by a band named The Nancho Men. They were awesome! We have been to the party several times and always enjoyed listening to them play.  It's a great way to ring in the new year.  We try to go every year we can now.

Grand-Hyatt-Mix-100Us with Bo and TJ from Mix 100

The first year we ended up checking out the next morning then heading downtown to grab some breakfast. It was ok, but we regretted not staying at the hotel and enjoying a meal at Pub 17. The second-year we did and it was very nice.  While we were eating the hotel manager came up and asked us if we had a nice stay. We ensured him that we had a great time and even showed him a few pictures from the party the night before.

Grand Hyatt - Pub 17We have always had an amazing time at the Grand Hyatt, Denver and look forward to our next visit for their Rockin New Year’s Eve party. Have a great New Years’ Eve everyone.


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