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Google's Pixel Buds offer in-your-ear translation


If Google has its way, travelers will soon be hearing voices, with Pixel Buds, a new earbud that will provide instant translation of what people in other countries are saying to you.

Google demonstrated a beta version of the product at a consumer technology conference Wednesday, and media members who tested it were impressed how well it worked, even in its pre-release version.

Using real-time translation from Google Translate and Google Assistant and a set of earbuds linked to a smartphone, the software can allow someone to speak into your phone in, say, Swedish, and have you hear it in English through the earbuds. Or, you can have it translate what you are saying into another language. Forty languages have been adapted so far.

No word yet on when the Pixel Buds will be available to the public...but there will surely be a big demand for them!

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