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Frommer's Top Places: Not just the ones you'd think


Everybody seems to have a list of the 'it' things and 'it' places to be each year, so you'd expect some of the experts in the field to do a bit better. So, it's no surprise that Frommer's list of Best Places for 2020 is not just a list of the usual suspects.

Many of the places on the list are not at all exotic, but are unusual as tourism destinations, such as Bonn, Germany, pretty much off the radar since Germany's capital moved to Berlin. But Bonn is not only a pleasant destination along the Rhine with one of Germany's oldest cathedrals, it's also the birthplace and long-time residence of Beethoven, and the city is throwing a big birthday party for his 250th, including concerts, lectures and youth events.

Others have a tinge more of the exotic: Greenland, Oaxaca, Papua New Guinea (world's lowest tourist density, by the way), the Poles (North and South, not Warsovians), a national park in Chad and more.

And still others pull together items to be considered together, such as Plymouth, Massachusetts and Plymouth, England, marking the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage, with references to four nations: the U.S., England, the Netherlands and the Wampanoag Nation.

Each item on the list includes a short discussion by one of the Frommer's experts, along with links to help you plan a trip—or if you aren't going, at least to restock your armchair dreams.

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