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France to free workers from free-time emails


Following the lead of a few other countries, France is planning to implement rules that allow workers to use their leisure time for...well...leisure. The new regulations would give the "right to disconnect" outside official work hours.

The reform is part of a package to be introduced soon by the Labor Minister, Myriam El Khomri, aimed at relaxing some of the rules in France's heavily-regulated labor market—mostly benefiting employers—but this one will enable professionals to ignore work e-mails, calls, texts and more. Interestingly, a few companies have set up their systems already so that off-duty employees can't respond to work e-mails, even if they want to!

Ironically, one of the big supporters of the shutdown is the big mobile tech company, Orange, whose director general, Bruno Mettling, says that new technology means "there are risks that need to be anticipated, and one of the biggest risks is the balance of a private live and professional life behind this permanent connectivity."

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