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Fox Theater, Bakersfield


One of the classic buildings in Bakersfield, the Fox Theater opened on Christmas Day, 1930.   It holds 1500 seats and is known for its good acoustics, "style and beauty".  Besides motion pictures, the Fox's stage also featured live acts by a variety of artists, such as vocalists and symphonies.  Popular artists like Olivia Newton-John and Cyndi Lauper performed here.

02 Fox Theater

03 Fox Theater

05 Fox Theater

The theater was active until the 1980s, when it closed for 10 years.  It was saved from destruction by a local non-profit foundation, which funded a restoration.  The theater continues to host special features and concerts.

01 Fox Theater04 Fox Theater

We visited around Halloween and found this chap manning the ticket booth!

06 Fox Theater


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  • 01 Fox Theater
  • 02 Fox Theater
  • 03 Fox Theater
  • 04 Fox Theater
  • 05 Fox Theater
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