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Exploring Cap-aux-Meules


The day before had been gray, but the sun was out when Viking Expedition Ship Polaris docked in the village of Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec.

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The English name is Grindstone Cape, named for the headland on Grindstone, one of Quebec's 13 Magdalen Islands. The island is surrounded by rugged shores once inhabited by the Mi'kmaq tribe when they came on a seasonal walrus hunt. The first Europeans arrived in 1534.

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My motor coach tour's first stop was a lighthouse, but the feature was the landscape: rust-red cliffs meeting sapphire waters.

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Saint-Pierre Catholic Church in La Vernière was next. Originally built from wood retrieved from shipwrecks, it has the distinction of having been struck by lightning four times.

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At Site de la Côte, I took photos of the fishing and leisure boats before browsing several shops for the works of local artisans and admiring the views over the fishing harbor.

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I always enjoy stopping at tiny communities and learning about local history. The day was another successful experience with Viking Cruises.

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