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Experience Holiday in Croatia in Luxury


Croatia is a country in south-central Europe. It has an extensive coastline along the Adriatic Sea with well developed tourism. There is so much to see, experience and enjoy while on a luxury tour in this country, with great local hospitality, a fascinating culture, historic sites, sapphire waters among others.

Croatia boasts some of the most beautiful locales in Europe including those in Zagreb and Split.  If you are a seasoned luxury traveler, Croatia should be at or near the top of the list of the countries that you must explore. The walled Dubrovnik city has rich history, while the inland of this country has a stunning backdrop of forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. 

Things to see and experience

While on holiday in Croatia, you will see many amazing things and have one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life:


  • Discover the amazing scenery of Montenegro and Pakleni Island Archipelago while on a private cruise.
  • Wander the countryside looking for world-class truffles in the company of an experienced truffle hunter and his truffle-sniffing hound.
  • Walk in the streets of Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik and Korcula in the company of a local historian to unravel Croatia's past.
  • Discover the Adriatic Pearl with an expert driver and guide.
  • Stand amidst cascades and natural waterfalls mist that carve paths through Mala Kapela foothills rock. Enjoy the woody aroma of the surrounding dense forest.
  • Kayak, swim and hike in Croatia. The shimmering coastline of the Adriatic Sea makes all this possible. You can engage in a private family guided adventure, sail to a secret Island and discover magical medieval towns and palace.


  • Taste freshly harvested oysters while on a secret island. Follow the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain and eat at the best restaurants in this country during your epicurean adventure.

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With its cobbled streets, baroque architecture and ancient city quarter, Zagreb, the capital of this country alone is reminiscent of the great cities of Central Europe like Vienna and Budapest.  While there, you can explore the fortified ancient town and its museums.  Visit St. Stephen Cathedral, the National Theater and the lovely St Mark church. Nearby, immerse in the natural beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The landscapes of this park feature dense forests, wide animal life diversity and cascading waterfalls.


The best luxury villas

Croatia has a collection of the finest villas for an ultimate luxury vacation. They range from traditional villas in secluded places in the islands and Istria, to luxury villas in Dubrovnik city. This country has the most amazing places for family vacation, destination weddings and corporate events. Rent a luxury villa in Croatia to enjoy your stay in this country to the maximum.


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