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Even being a Viking needs a diploma these days

And you thought all you had to do to be a Viking was grow a beard, wear a helmet, swing an ax and raid Britain!


These days, it seems, everything requires a degree, and a continuing-education college in Norway is offering the course, including not only what you'd expect, but all the other skills and crafts needed for Norse living in the Viking era, including sword-forging, jewellery-making and roof-thatching. Students in the course will also study and practice Norse rituals of the year, including animal sacrifices. No humans will be harmed, however.


The Seljord Folkehogskule (Folk High School), 150 km west of Oslo, says it's seen a big surge in interest, perhaps inspired by costume dramas such as "Game of Thrones." The school's principal is OK with that; he told a Norwegian broadcaster "We give a high quality education, and if TV series get people interested, we are happy."


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Photo: Replica Viking ship burnt at Edinburgh Hogmanay celebration. (Wangi / Wikimedia)

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