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Eurostar to get faster, more comfortable

The new seats in standard class


Big changes are coming for the Eurostar trains that link Paris, Brussels, Lille and other French cities to London with 17 new trains that will start service by the end of the year.


A little taste of the future is running now, on an older train tricked out with the insides of the new trains: more comfortable seats, more legroom, power outlets and WiFi. The new trains will have all that, and a speed bump to over 200 mph, which will cut the schedule time from London to Paris to just two hours.


The updated train (and more of the 25-year old trains will get the upgrade) is currently being swapped out over all of Eurostar's routes, so passengers on all lines will randomly have a chance to try out the new deal. Even more amenities will be available in the top two classes, including USB ports and red carpets.


For a detailed article, see The Telegraph (UK) HERE

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