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European Capital of Culture 2016 Showcases Wroclaw and San Sebastian

Photo from Wikipedia/ San Sebastian, Spain from the Air
Every year, the EU designates a special city or cities as the European Capital of Culture. It's one of the most prestigious cultural events in Europe, with impressive events surrounding the designation. This year the honor goes to the  Polish city of Wroclaw and the Spanish city of San Sebastian. The cultural program will officially begin in mid-January.
Wroclaw  theme  for 2016 will be ‘Spaces of Beauty' based on the ideas of metamorphosis and diversity, drawing on the city’s unique history of transformation. The cultural program in Wroclaw will include more than 100 events like concerts , exhibitions and shows.
San Sebastian's theme will be 'Culture for Co-Existence'  and will  promote better ways of living together through art and culture. Three lighthouses will reflect that theme: the Lighthouse of Life, the Lighthouse of Peace, and the Lighthouse of Voices.

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