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EU adds €€€ to big canal plans


The EU is putting up over half a billion Euros toward an ambitious plan to link the Seine and Scheldt rivers by canal, part of the Trans European Transport Network plan that ultimately aims to create a corridor for trade between the North Sea and the Mediterranean by linking rivers, canals and rail lines.

news0627azThe Seine-Scheldt grant is part of a package of €6 billion in investments in interconnection in Europe. This portion, connecting waterways in France and Belgium is planned to be in operation by 2030, and will ultimately connect with the Rhine, Rhone and Meuse rivers.

Other large infrastructure investments the Commission is committing to include the Brenner rail tunnel linking Italy and Austria and Rail Baltica, linking the three Baltic States and Poland to the rest of Europe. There's also money to improve cross-border links between Ukraine, Moldova and their EU neighbours Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.


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