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Eiffel Tower: New Views


Construction elevator rising within the tower during 2022 renovations

Some sights are like good books: no matter how many times you read them, you find something new or more. I can't count how many Eiffel Tower pictures I've taken over the years—but there's always a new angle or detail.


Most often, I've been attracted to 'looking up' or 'looking down' views that emphasize the verticality and complexity of Eiffel's design. This time, on the way up, I found myself staring out at the horizontal and decorative elements above as much as I did the vertical face, just below.


And here are a pair of 'looking down' views. The first was taken in May, looking down on the carousel that stands across the street from the tower. The other is from my archives; it was made on July 31, 2017, the day it was announced that Paris would host the 2024 Olympics. We were looking down when an excited group of people broke the news to the crowd by holding up Olympic rings.



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