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Early autumn in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden


The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, only a couple of blocks from home, is a great place for a walk, and a chance to see what's new and changing. A couple of weeks ago, I walked through, seeing some of the first signs of the change from summer to fall.

It wasn't just the cooler temperature, or even the appearance of browns among the greens; there's something that changes in the light as the seasons turn; I hope it shows in my pictures as well.


The Rose Garden is well past its summer prime, but that doesn't mean there's no room for one perfect rose, this one a shrub rose named Graham Thomas.


The longer views show the dulling of leaf colors and more. They also show the brilliance of the Garden's designers: It's a world-class institution with many research programs and special plantings, big conservatories and more—and yet, despite its postage-stamp 52 acre size, you can easily lose track of the busy city around you.


But the colors continued to steal the show as I walked.

DSC00691DSC00692DSC00695That's Empress of India nasturtium hiding behind the leaves ...but there's nothing shy about the Lantana. The two here are 'Radiation' and 'Berry Blend.'


And a pot of coleus and friends...


Along the lily ponds, the walks are lined with floral borders whose colors compete with each other for attention. The super red is a Bolivian begonia.


And here's a last outlier in yellow...



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