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Does Iceland have the most curious museums?



Granted there are peculiar museums here and there about the world, and TravelGumbo has covered some of them, but a recent article in The Guardian (UK) gives rise to the idea that Iceland may have the densest assortment of the unusual.

A small country, Iceland is estimated to have a museum for every thousand Icelanders, and some of them have been created by very individual Icelanders. For instance, the living-room based one above, consisting of binders filled with paper napkins collected by a resident of Heimaey in the Westman Islands.

In northern Iceland, there's a museum dedicated to the now-vanished herring fishery; the Herring Era Museum collects fishing tools from that era as they wash ashore, years after the herring disappeared. Another museum houses a collection of common nails, thousands of them, individually hammered into boards for display. The collection was started by a man who also piled up door knobs, telephones, and keys sorted by size.

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